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-Neeyo Sword

A flame of fire, a drop to die
An extinguishing candle
And a dry eye
It’s all a part of lover’s pie

Only lovers fathom the rhythm of love
A few understand the language of dove
The burning heart and the cold flame
I’m the one who is to be blamed
I fight alone the Mighty King
Which stung me was my own sting

Kind hearts and strong strands
Which broke it all were my own hands
Oh! My lonely world
I call upon thee to hold me
Oh! My mighty voice 
I miss thee to speak my favour

The fear of loss, the game of selection
I did lose and faced the rejection
I stood alone in the dusty street
I was low, the thoughts were bleak

The Lost love and solitary life
Killed by a banal  knife
Friends forever, a worthy solace
I left the hurting plumy place

Oblivious sweetheart made me numb
Fairly stormy but all dumb
Memories and tears as all I know
Would ever hurt but still I’d go

The Dark Dream was then alive
All laughed and I strived
A phoenix was just about to fly
Quite apart in the foggy sky

The hope beheld me in that fire
Boundless for the golden sapphire
I missed you for the dazzling days
Quite calm and deep bays

I hate you for no reasons
I lost you in complex treasons
Enigma is love but I was smeared
A mist of affection still unclear

The lonely road, I wept alone
None was there to listen to my tone
I gathered myself and went on
And see I’m happy today and
The dark days are gone

100 meanings of love, one I know
Its diamond-strong, not like snow
Holy in the god’s name
Care in heart , not for fame
Something beyond the death of mortal
Thoughts can cease but its immortal

Its quintessence on the whole
Is two bodies and a single soul
Great understanding and blind ears
If love is true then none fears
Epitome of sacrifice
It’s a virtue not a vice

I did what people rarely do
The eyes were red, the fire was blue
For the sake of truth and friendship’s hue
I didn’t care and went through

A request to the chocolate queen
I looked into the dainty een
And merciful so she had been
An earnest thanks still unseen

Trust to rely and faith to die
Once broken can never tie
I was lucky, got a chance
No more qualms and no more plans
A promise in heart I will keep
True love from the truest deep

Got a “friend” to count upon 
After night … a silver dawn
It’s the beginning , not the end
A friendship trust and love blend….



BY Neeyo Sword
   (Sandeep Kaushik)
A small child got into the fire 
Dark insight and gleeful desire
So much hard was never a stroke
Out of the flames he out broke
What he did he didn't care
“Still” there but nowhere

Rising shadows up the graves
Fought death with raging raves
Never lost a battle so fearful
Alone he stood but still cheerful
He thought he was really rare
Knew the lot but nowhere

Heavy breeze, breath did cease
Arduous stoke, heart did choke
Crossed limit and attained summit
He started once could never stop
Buried himself in the worldly layer
Nowhere but still there

The golden pages never turn black
The toughest problem the victor did crack
The world says “He was the best”
Now where? A worthy quest
White enough but not so fair
Somewhere but nowhere

Trodding through a dark desert
Best of his wisdom he couldn’t assert
Found something on the parched land
When explored, found nothing in hand!
Strong enough, he did dare
Remorse then and upset there

Lost on the surface he sat down
Opened his eyes and saw a crown
Golden piece he could not eat
The ultimate truth he could not beat
Valueless was gold’s glare
Rich enough but nowhere

Tangled in the cycle of lifeless life
Needle is needle and knife is knife
Before the astonishing speed of light
Weak enough is Ferrari’s might
Too slow in the highest gear
May be there but nowhere

This world is an erratic place
Anyone can win the race
A contest of pens or a game of ball
One who rises musteth fall
Whether tortoise or hare
May be steady but nowhere

Someone lost and somebody gained
A ritual of world which ever rained
The great graves groan in grief
Back bites and broken belief
So stable is never a chair
May be honorable but nowhere

“If” love is something never to be lost 
Go and get it at any cost
Riddle proves trust and loyalty
When stand before vibrant royalty
Immortal is no player
May be champion but nowhere

The knowledge is not really finite
And the death is not the final bite
An ambiguity here in its right place
Your existence, can you retrace?
Know well life is not spare
Now here means nowhere

What you think is the finishing point
Is not even a mid point
One may travel days and nights
From infinite to infinite
Through the vacuum, no air
Distant enough but nowhere

Are you also a victim of senses?
No freedom and caught in fences?
Are you eluded from happiness?
The leading road, directionless?
O! careless “you too care!!!”
Watch where and go there

Beating mysteries, rhythmic roars
Crawling lows and speedy soars
Life is not really a difficult task
Don’t wear this fake mask
O! dreamer come out of this mare
Alluring enough but nowhere

Be benevolent and spread life
Make your surroundings love rife
The secret which keeps a tree alive
Live for others and do self dive
If I say its mine and not their
Would be smart enough but nowhere

Future is far away at the horizon
Never worry for the past is gone
We daily repeat the same thoughts
Sit composed and wash these blots
Rather rest in a tranquil lair
Than thinking of mine and their

Add direction and passion to living
True happiness is in selfless giving
You’ll find life a living treasure
Silence has the paramount pleasure
Don’t wait for the white hair
This age is sometimes nowhere

Nothing more and nothing less
Be bold and do confess
Real satisfaction seekers can frap
Believe in zero and duck this trap
Wakeup and beware
Transcend and be somewhere

Dreams Drive


BY Neeyo Sword 

     (Sandeep Kaushik)

I’m here today
Looking at the skies
Thinking of the dreams
I had someday
In my eyes
From reality
To fantasy
The way was easy
From highest
To lowest
I did never rest
Thinking bout what went wrong
Who ruined me
But I know
In my sense
It was me myself
And none else
I looked for the reasons
And not for the best
Dreams drive
Now none in my eyes
I gave up dreams
I gave up struggle
It brought me to rubbles

I’m here today
Now here
And just now
Looking at the skies
I saw a dream
I have to rise
I have my eyes
With me again
For dream
Is a boon not a bane
Dreams drive
From rubbles
To struggle
Dreams drive
From struggle
To dreams
Dreams drive
From dreams
To life
Realize your dream now
And just now realize
The power of now
As it is
And it really is
Either now or never
So dream now
Night is good
It lets you dream
Dreams drive
From night
To day