-Neeyo Sword

A flame of fire, a drop to die
An extinguishing candle
And a dry eye
It’s all a part of lover’s pie

Only lovers fathom the rhythm of love
A few understand the language of dove
The burning heart and the cold flame
I’m the one who is to be blamed
I fight alone the Mighty King
Which stung me was my own sting

Kind hearts and strong strands
Which broke it all were my own hands
Oh! My lonely world
I call upon thee to hold me
Oh! My mighty voice 
I miss thee to speak my favour

The fear of loss, the game of selection
I did lose and faced the rejection
I stood alone in the dusty street
I was low, the thoughts were bleak

The Lost love and solitary life
Killed by a banal  knife
Friends forever, a worthy solace
I left the hurting plumy place

Oblivious sweetheart made me numb
Fairly stormy but all dumb
Memories and tears as all I know
Would ever hurt but still I’d go

The Dark Dream was then alive
All laughed and I strived
A phoenix was just about to fly
Quite apart in the foggy sky

The hope beheld me in that fire
Boundless for the golden sapphire
I missed you for the dazzling days
Quite calm and deep bays

I hate you for no reasons
I lost you in complex treasons
Enigma is love but I was smeared
A mist of affection still unclear

The lonely road, I wept alone
None was there to listen to my tone
I gathered myself and went on
And see I’m happy today and
The dark days are gone

100 meanings of love, one I know
Its diamond-strong, not like snow
Holy in the god’s name
Care in heart , not for fame
Something beyond the death of mortal
Thoughts can cease but its immortal

Its quintessence on the whole
Is two bodies and a single soul
Great understanding and blind ears
If love is true then none fears
Epitome of sacrifice
It’s a virtue not a vice

I did what people rarely do
The eyes were red, the fire was blue
For the sake of truth and friendship’s hue
I didn’t care and went through

A request to the chocolate queen
I looked into the dainty een
And merciful so she had been
An earnest thanks still unseen

Trust to rely and faith to die
Once broken can never tie
I was lucky, got a chance
No more qualms and no more plans
A promise in heart I will keep
True love from the truest deep

Got a “friend” to count upon 
After night … a silver dawn
It’s the beginning , not the end
A friendship trust and love blend….

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