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Dreams Drive


BY Neeyo Sword 

     (Sandeep Kaushik)

I’m here today
Looking at the skies
Thinking of the dreams
I had someday
In my eyes
From reality
To fantasy
The way was easy
From highest
To lowest
I did never rest
Thinking bout what went wrong
Who ruined me
But I know
In my sense
It was me myself
And none else
I looked for the reasons
And not for the best
Dreams drive
Now none in my eyes
I gave up dreams
I gave up struggle
It brought me to rubbles

I’m here today
Now here
And just now
Looking at the skies
I saw a dream
I have to rise
I have my eyes
With me again
For dream
Is a boon not a bane
Dreams drive
From rubbles
To struggle
Dreams drive
From struggle
To dreams
Dreams drive
From dreams
To life
Realize your dream now
And just now realize
The power of now
As it is
And it really is
Either now or never
So dream now
Night is good
It lets you dream
Dreams drive
From night
To day